Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It may even be better this way

While at Best Buy tonight, I came across the film Twins, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the bargain DVD bin. Seeing this movie in there flooded my mind with memories. Actually, only two memories. See, I remember the night my aunt rented Twins to watch when I (and probably my sister) were sleeping over. I was very excited to see it. But it seems I didn't pay much attention once the film actually started, because in my mind, the film Twins consists of two scenes (spoilers? I have no idea if these will spoil anything).

1) A cool-looking car is driving on it's two side wheels, like a wheelie, but to one side.

2) A scientist informs Arnold and Danny that Danny is made of leftover genetic crap, and Arnold becomes enraged, "Don't call my brother crap!" I think he punches the scientist. Or throws him. Or something.

This is the sum totality of the film Twins, to me. It's about 45 seconds long, if that. I realize that I can never watch the film again, or this will be ruined.