Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Treat for the Feet

I'm always reminded upon obtaining new pairs of socks of just how good new socks feel. No mass has yet been lost to washing, yet you know the socks will never be cleaner. Thick, soft, a delight all around. There was a time when I was disappointed by receiving new socks for Christmas or a birthday, but now I know that the gift of putting on a brand new pair of socks is quite excellent.

One of the most deliciously decadent ideas I've ever heard was two friends wondering what it would cost to wear new socks every day for the rest of one's life. Let's explore. The price for a 6-pack of men's white crew socks from a major online retailer is listed at a sale price of $8.99, and an everyday price of $11.99. Let's average those to approximately $10 per 6-pack, as of the market values of December 2006. There are 365 days per year (not counting leap years), so 365/6 rounds up to 61 packages of socks per year needed. Multiplied by our price of $10, this plan would run the average adult male approximately $610.00 per year.

Now, I know it may be silly to assume that my poor diet, lack of exercise, and generally spotty luck won't kill me by the time I'm 35, but let's for the sake of argument assume I'm going to live out the average American's lifespan. This would mean that I can plan on living to the ripe age of 77.85 years. I am currently approximately 23.79 years of age. This leaves 54.06 years to go. This isn't at all morbid.

Let's bring it all home. With 54.06 years to go, at an expected amount (ignoring inflation rates, of course) of $610.00 per year, to wear brand new socks every day for the rest of my natural life, I would spend approximately $32,976.60 USD. That is the official price of luxury, my friends.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Now THIS is a headline!

May I bring your attention to one of the greatest news stories, and certainly one of the greatest headlines of all times: World's Tallest Man Saves Dolphin. Please, take a moment to read the article. Good? Excellent. The best part (and there are many great parts) to me about this, is the headline. "World's Tallest Man" on it's own would be a compelling headline. "Man Saves Dolphin" perhaps even more compelling. Two good stories have here fused into one fantastic piece of journalism.

On an aside, I want to know who at this aquarium made this call. "To save these dolphins, we're going to need a tall-No! ... the TALLEST man."

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tantamount to Treason

What I'm about to say will make me zero (0) amount of friends in Red States. I prefer the UN to the US. Madness, some would say. The UN isn't exactly known for its efficacy or efficiency, it's true. However, I believe that the UN is the current precursor to an effective global union. This, of course, should be the end goal of the world: to unite the human race, no matter what geographic boundaries intervene. In my opinion, the current United Nations is largely the global equivalent of the Articles of Confederation. As anyone who passed US History in high school knows, these Articles were the forerunner of our Constitution, and were ineffective due to their non-binding nature. Likewise, just as the US government used the Articles as a springboard to the more binding and effective Constitution, I believe the UN is a springboard to an effective global government. I wholly denounce the current US administration in its reluctance to cooperate internationally, and I believe all nations should be seeking to reduce their own sovereignty (not completely) to become to the UN what States are to the US. I guess my ideas aren't so treasonous after all, seeing as my idea really is just to push a model that works (usually) here in the States to an international level. Maybe I'm the most patriotic one of all. (Probably not.)

Also, I'm gonna miss this guy, and I hope his successor will continue the proud mission of the UN.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In the past, I've tended towards, myself

Hello all (or based on the number of replies that the posts to date have gotten, "Hello none"). As shocking as this may be, seeing as bloggers are, by and large, irresistible to members of the opposite sex, I have a long history of ill luck in the field of romance. It's not that there's anything awful about me, there just always seems to be a more preferable option available. As of today, I'd like to add "" to the list of things that girls I've taken a shine to have preferred or placed priority over yours truly. This is a noble list, to be sure, and includes, but may not be limited to the following entries:
Time alone
Men who will cheat within weeks
Men who cheated not weeks before
An asshole who came out as a homosexual 3 years later
Graham Rowe
A sociopath
A man described by some as "Homer Simpson"
Maintaining friendship
A man who urinated on someone else's car
Super powers/Faux wicca
Social status

Strangely enough, "Other women" has not yet made it on to the list, but given some time I'm sure I'll chase a closeted lesbian at some point.