Monday, January 29, 2007

I have until 8/10/2007 before Emissions are a problem too.

Today I was pulled over as I pulled into a shopping plaza on my way home from work. I was, at the time, committing no moving violation of any sort. I was traveling within the speed limit (thanks to red lights and drivers in front of me), I signaled for my turns, and pulled over within seconds of seeing the flashing lights. Astounding then how many motoring "no-no's" I was committing at the moment. Here is the list:

1) My registration has expired. This was the reason I was pulled over to begin with. Apparently they color code the stickers on your license plate to make this possible.

2) The address on my driver's license is for my parents' house. I have not lived there since October 2005.

3) I have failed to place a current insurance card in my glove compartment (the one in there has expired).

4) This didn't come up, but I'm almost positive I should have my eyeglasses prescription increased.

5) This also didn't come up, but the last major frost apparently was made of dust and glue, and every attempt to wash my windows/side-view mirrors recently has met with frozen squeegee recepticles.

Luckily, the kind, polite, and attractive female member of Rocky Hill's finest (Officer Bilotto is totally Hott-o) did not have my vehicle towed. Instead, it was forbidden to leave the Stop & Shop/Wal-Mart/GameStop(the reason I was there) plaza until I visit the DMV and rectify the fact that I am "Oper. while un- registered" ("STAT./ORD. NO. 14-120*"), an offense worth $93.00 in Rocky Hill, CT. Plus the cost of the re-registration. Plus late fee.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Aaaaaand, now it's awkward.

I tend to be pretty easygoing. When a coworker of mine stopped coming to work for unexplained "personal reasons", which we figured was probably stress from work and a divorce, I rolled with the extra work that meant for me. When he stopped even contacting work and was gone for 3-4 months, I was annoyed, but I had a sense of humor about it. When he came back and was not immediately able to take back the extra work from me (several months of severe clinical depression can take a lot out of a guy), I figured "Hey, maybe I'll need someone to be patient with me some time (all the fucking time, who am I kidding)."

But now, when I return from lunch and get a phone call at MY (not his!) desk from a grown man with three children's mother-in-law looking frantically for him as I tell her he's probably at lunch, and then she calls again to give me her number and say that its vital that I call her as soon as I see him... and then he doesn't come back to work in the afternoon or call to say he'll be gone. OK. Now I'm weirded out. I don't even know how this bitch got my number.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I kinda stole this format from Partial Law

Thoughts upon visiting a nightclub for the first time about a year ago:

*This place is not comfortable. They should have like, couches. And pizza. And an open bar. Why isn't there any place like that?

Thoughts upon visiting BAR in New Haven, CT on Saturday:

* ... Oh.

Thoughts upon my roommate suggesting I write about the enjoyability of brand new sheets after my new socks entry:

*I don't really think that would make for a good entry, and also I have no reason to have thought about that recently.

Thoughts upon spending a night in my new bedsheets:

*... Oh.

On an unrelated note, my roommate and I watched "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight, which made a lot of good points about the environment that I basically already knew. What I did NOT know, was that George H.W. Bush (that's the older one) once stated that we will be "up to our necks in owls". I would like everyone to just for a moment imagine being up to our necks in owls. This is one of the most delightfully ludicrous images I've had the fortune to stumble across in months. Picture it, streets full of owls, 5 feet deep, people wading in the feathery mass of Tootsie Pop lick-counters. It's fantastic.